I am not an Alpha Mother, a Beta Mother, a Yummy Mummy or a Slummy Mummy. I’m a ‘Do Whatever The Hell Needs Doing Mother’ and I know that what I’m doing is bloody brilliant actually.

I’m a single Mum to my sidekick and partner in crime, Fandango (not his real name, I wouldn’t be that cruel).

I have been enjoying the self-deprecating parenting trend of late. However, I think this needs a minor shake up.

So here I am, to normalise the Tesco tantrums. To say it is OK to have created the child that kicks old ladies in the shins for no reason. To reassure you that eight solid hours of Peppa Pig on Netflix is happening the world over.

So as long as you’re doing whatever needs doing, that’s all that can be done!

You don’t need to know who I am, because if you’re a parent, the chances are, I’m you.