We all have our problems. Things we don’t like about ourselves or our lives.

We all have wishes for how we’d like our lives to improve. (Or is it just me?)

It’s so easy to gaze unknowingly at friends or acquaintances or maybe even strangers, and long for their lifestyle, their house and car, their cheekbones, their figure, maybe their husband, wife or job tickles your fancy.

However, things are never as black and white as they may first appear. If you were given the opportunity to throw all your problems into a large pile on the floor and then pull out a new selection of problems, would you? Would you participate in the hope that you might select better, easier problems? Or would you just stick with those you already face? Is it worth the gamble?

I bet most of you would stick with the problems you already have.

I bet a large number of people would come to realise, when they really thought about it, that things aren’t all that bad after all. So you failed that exam, put on 20 pounds, got dumped, couldn’t pay the electricity bill in time. Does it really matter that much?

That person you are looking at and wishing you had what they had, is also fighting their own battles. They may be looking at you and wishing they had what you have.

This morning I drove to work and whilst waiting at the lights, a girl walked past and she had a great figure. I watched as she walked down the road, wishing I myself had a small bum and skinny thighs that didn’t touch. Little do I know what her inner monologue was chanting. Perhaps she was thinking ‘I wish I had a car so I didn’t have to trudge to work in the rain’. Maybe the body she has, whilst looking great, is going to let her down one day when she is struck down with illness. Would I be so keen to have that body then? No.

The husband or wife you may be jealous of could be having an affair or is secretly sending themselves and their other half bankrupt. The job your friend has that you’re so envious of could be about to disappear and your friend made redundant. I bet you wouldn’t be so jealous then!

During this epiphany, it did occur to me, that instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I need to concentrate on what I do have. Furthermore, I should focus on what I want and how I’m going to get it. If having a figure I am confident in will make me happy, or happier, then that is something I need to work on. In the meantime, I shall adopt a new attitude of gratitude and appreciate what I do have. Whilst I still have it.


Cuddle Fairy