I had my first weigh-in this week and was pleased to have lost 3.5lbs. This was despite gorging for nearly 3 days on all the food in my fridge and cupboards that would be syn-ful on the Slimming World diet. So, taking this and the Domino’s pizza I devoured like someone on death row the evening before I signed up into account, I think I’m doing relatively well.

I was amazed to learn how making slight differences to my food would make a significant impact on my diet success or failure. For instance, each morning I was having overnight oats soaked in apple juice with a low-fat yoghurt dolloped on top. I considered this to be a healthy start to the day. Turns out I was wrong.

According to Slimming World, this would have taken up 6 of the maximum 15 syns I could have each day. Hence, I was consuming over a third of my ‘naughty’ foods before 9 o’clock in the morning! I have since made a simple swap to the type of cereal and yoghurt for ones which are syn free and have thrown in a load of fresh fruit on top. So, I am not only eating a much bigger, more satisfying breakfast, but I can now proclaim to be eating a healthy brekkie!

My syn free Muesli, Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit Breakfast


Learning this made me understand more about why I might have been struggling to lose weight in the past. By not understanding how foods are good or bad for me has obviously ended in stupid decisions being made. By assuming foods were healthy I’ve not been making the right choices and this has ultimately led to slow or non-existant weight loss.

Another lesson was learned on discovering my secret syns. Since starting Slimming World I have been tracking everything I am eating. I found that the number of syns I consumed would rapidly tally up without any conscious effort. I realised that a teaspoon of pesto here and a bit of my son’s hot cross bun there, amongst other snacks and nibbles, would get me to my maximum syn intake without even realising. At the end of the day, I might then treat myself with something like a biscuit or some chocolate, thinking this was the first unhealthy food I’d had that day. Instead, this treat was taking me well above and beyond my limit.

By cutting out the ‘hidden’ syns, without making any drastic changes to the food I am eating, I am still able to eat all my meals and have treats whilst following the plan. It’s amazing to complete each day satiated, having not starved myself, and still able to satisfy my sweet tooth’s cravings (within reason).

I’m half way through my second week, my weigh-in day is looming. I’m looking forward to seeing what results I get this time around!