My second weigh in didn’t go too well. Having had an indulgent weekend celebrating a family birthday and being given a box of chocolates for Mother’s Day, I was expecting a lower loss. I had, however, been very good for 5 out of the 7 days. So when I weighed in and had only lost half a pound, I was pissed off.

At Slimming World, I usually stay ‘to group’ to listen to what others had done well or how they’d dropped the ball. This week though, I didn’t stay for the entire session. I listened to 10 minute’s talk about different ways to eat Chilli con Carne before walking out in a determined manner. I was angry and I wanted to get moving. So I did. I channelled all that disappointment into exercise.

That following week, I focused on getting my 10,000 steps a day and on eating well. Yet again, the weekend was my downfall, but nowhere near as gluttonous as the one before. The approach of Easter is making it harder to resist my sweet temptations.

As the week progressed towards my third weigh in day, I was feeling positive. I knew I was possibly looking at a four-pound loss and that is indeed what I got. Not only that, but I got my first half stone weight loss and slimmer of the week!

1 2 stone

I am amazed at how this programme seems to be working so efficiently (so far!). At the beginning of the year, I was relying too heavily on exercise to help me lose weight. In hindsight, it is obvious how much of an effect our diet has on our size. I thought I had been eating relatively healthy meals, however, on reflection, there was a lot of bad food thrown in there too.

I have recently discovered that a tiny, 25g bag of yoghurt coated raisins, something I would have considered a healthy snack, actually counts as a third of my daily syn allowance. Substituting such a small and sneaky snack with an apple would make a huge difference over a period of time.

The takeaway pizza I’d get most Fridays would instantly counteract several of the sweaty, exhausting exercise routines I’d endure throughout the week. It is no wonder, that despite doing about 3 hours of exercise each week, I wasn’t seeing any results on the scales.

So, I shall continue with my healthy ways and will keep up the exercise. I know I shall miss those pizzas, but I know I’d rather have that slimmer waistline and photographs I can look back on without cringing at my size!