I tend to make recipes up as I go along. Most of the time they work quite well, but occasionally it does go completely tits up and I regret not following a proper recipe.

However, the other evening, after a long day at work and a full-on hour of exercise I hit the jackpot with this really quick and easy concoction. It was totally syn free and took less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

The below would serve two hungry people, or can make three portions for the less peckish.

recipe chicken


2 Chicken Breasts cut into strips

1 Red Pepper

1 Roasted Red Pepper in Brine

1 Leek

A handful of Mangetout

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Harissa Powder

200g dried Couscous

50ml Passata (could add more or less to suit your taste)

1 Chicken Oxo Cube


1. Mix the Paprika and Harissa Powder together in a large mixing bowl. Stir in the chicken, until all the strips are well coated.

2. In a grill pan, gently heat 5 sprays of fry light. When hot, put the chicken into the pan and grill until cooked through. (Approx. 5-7 minutes).

3. Meanwhile, break the Oxo stock cube into a medium sized bowl, add the couscous and mix together. Pour boiling water into the bowl until all the couscous is submerged. Leave to soak, occasionally stirring and adding more boiling water if needed.

4. In a second pan, (I used a wok) heat the Peppers, Leek and Mangetout until soft.

5. By this time, the couscous should have softened, at which point it can be added to the pan with the vegetables. Mix in the Passata and gently heat.

6. Serve whilst hot, or enjoy later once cooled but enjoy either way!